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What is a Rehearsal Space

We get this question a lot because it is common to hear about rehearsal spaces in this space (pun intended).

We are going to go ahead and let you know what a rehearsal space it, who it is good for, and whether or not you can rent one, or list one on

Rehearsal Space Explained

A rehearsal space us exactly what it sounds like. It is a space where creators are able to practice (rehearse) creating their material.

A lot of rehearsal spaces are also designed to be the same space where the actual creating, or recording, of the content takes place.

Who Can Use a Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal Spaces on Blare Studios

For Studios

Offering a room, or space, for creators to practice can add to the value of your business.


Many studios just offer a space where bands, YouTubers, actors, and other creators can rehearse their content before recording it. The idea is that creators will show up to the studio for their practice session with their own equipment. Some creators will find this ideal because they are used to playing with their own instruments and do not want to substitute any of theirs. Also, bringing their own insures that they don’t need a piece of equipment that you may not have.

Some creators may think that it is pointless to bring their own equipment because that is the reason that they are looking for a studio in the first place. Or they may have a studio where they record at, but don’t have a place to rehearse. Having access to your equipment can be a huge benefit to them because they will not have to carry around their instruments and other equipment.


Pricing your rehearsal space should not be complicated, especially if you already have a studio. Some studios will make their rehearsal space’s hourly rate the same as what they charge for recording sessions. However, some studios feel like charging a lower rate is better.

We suggest that of creators are able to do more while recording than they can when practicing, then your rehearsal space should be priced at a lower rate.

For Creators

Finding a place to practice your content is very important, and can be viewed as more important than having a place to record.


Rehearsal spaces are typically less expensive than a recording space. The reason for this is because less equipment is used, and content isn’t actually being recorded.

Make sure that you are in communication with a studio prior to showing up for a rehearsal session. Some studios will charge an additional fee for the use of their equipment during your rehearsal.



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