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What is a Scout Visit?

You can write up the most perfect description of your studio as possible. You can have a professional photographer take the best pictures imaginable. All of this and you will still have studio visitors find something wrong with your space.

Scout visits are a way to deter creators that are trying to scam you out of your money. An example being that a creator will arrive, use your studio, then request a refund because your studio space did not meet their expectations. These expectations were set in the description and phots of your studio.

Now, if that happens, we do suggest that you let them know that they stay for the duration of their booking, used the equipment, and no refund will be issued. That’s pretty much what we’ll tell them, but people will still try.

So, let’s get to the meaning of this scout visit thing…

A scout visit is when a studio and creator will communicate with one another about a creator and their team visiting the studio prior to their scheduled session.

Scout visits are not required, and Blare Studios doesn’t have a method of booking them because they are usually free. However, these pre-arranged visits are highly encouraged to studio owners.

Risks of Not Having Scout Visits

Creators will also arrive, look around, and leave because they don’t like what they see. This is one of the risks that you face if you do not have scout visits prior to a session date.


  • The creator had booked their time slot, but since they won’t be using it, the studio will lose money on the slot that could have been used by another creator.
  • The creator will request a refund because they did not have a chance to record their content.
  • The creator will leave a bad review about your studio


  • The creator had most likely planned to record their content during this time slot, but won’t be able to because your studio did not meet their expectations.
  • The creator will have to rebook with you (most likely not), or look for another studio to book studio time with.



Schedule scout visits.

Some studios can get away with it, and may never need to have scout visits, but it’s better safe than sorry.



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